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Where does our voice come from?

A pop-up book to understand how your voice works.

Dr Elisabeth Peri Fontaa Starter Kit


Book + Mobile Larynx


The Book

“Where does our voice come from?”

 50 €

Dr Elisabeth Peri Fontaa Premium Kit


Book + Mini Larynx + Mobile Larynx + Pharyngolarynx
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With over 20 years experience, Dr. Elisabeth Péri-Fontaa is an renouned ENT, phoniatrist, audiophonologist and teacher at the Strasbourg School of Speech Therapy.

“Driven by a passion for the voice, I propose solutions to conceptualize some notions such as the functioning of the phonatory apparatus, in particular.

My work and creations have become valuable tools for voice professionals, including speech therapists, teachers and professional singers.”

Any questions ? Need more information ? 

Please don’t hesitate to contact Dr Peri-Fontaa

by e-mail at perifontaa@free.fr

Also available in the Shop

Perifontaa Le pharyngo-larynx fixe
Pharyngolarynx (static model)
Miniature larynx inc. aryepiglottic fold
Mobile larynx inc. aryepiglottic fold
Perifontaa larynx-mobile
Mobile larynx
Perifontaa Le pharyngo-larynx demontable
Pharyngolarynx (dismountable model)
Perifontaa Larynx-à-soufflet
Larynx bellow mechanism

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Where does our voice come from?
A pop-up book to understand and to explain the way our voice works.

Presented as a pop-up book, “Where does our voice come from?” contains numerous elements to handle, making the various parts of the phonatory apparatus move together. The texts have been written to help voice professionals to explain things with simple yet accurate words.


A simple yet revolutionary tool

As a musician in Mulhouse (France) and music teacher, I read your book with children from fourth and fifth grade a year ago, during a workshop on voice.

TOTAL SUCCESS ! At first, I only wanted to read them half the book but they all asked me to carry on, they were all passionate, eager for questions. A big thank you to you for this beautiful book, it is very suitable and it is a good tool for me as a teacher. Congratulations to you!

Mireille Hoeffel